Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure during which tiny needles puncture the top layer of your skin. This helps stimulate your skin’s healing process and helps produce more collagen and elastin. This production will achieve firmer skin and improved texture and appearance. Microneedling typically targets the skin on the face, and clients should be able to notice results after 2 to 6 weeks. You will see a reduction in wrinkles and scars. 


How does this treatment compare to chemical peels and laser therapy?

A chemical peel is another method of improving skin. It can help the production of collagen and result in younger and firmer skin. A technician will apply a chemical solution to your face to remove the top layer of your skin and reveal youthful skin. There are different levels, including light, medium, and deep chemical peels. Patients will experience sunburn-like symptoms, redness, and peeling lasting anywhere from 3 to 7 days. 

Laser treatments are more targeted. The heat from the laser will remove the top layer of your skin to reveal the layer beneath, which is smoother and less pigmented. The laser encourages collagen production to help improve the appearance of the skin. There are various types of laser treatments available, and this treatment can eliminate acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. 

  • Microneedling vs. Chemical Peels

Both methods work to rejuvenate the skin underneath the top layer and create the same results, although microneedling takes a more practical approach to targeting those concerns. Chemical peels take a week to heal fully, whereas microneedling only takes a few days. Chemical peels are also more limiting because the post-treatment is more noticeable than microneedling. Chemical peels cause skin peeling and redness, whereas microneedling causes only redness. 

Chemical peels are restricted from individuals with darker skin tones or skin conditions. 

  • Microneedling vs. Laser Acne Treatments

Both treatments target underneath the top layer of the skin. Laser treatments treat the underlying causes of acne, whereas microneedling promotes skin cell reproduction and collagen production to reduce imperfections. 

Both treatments have the same downtime requirements and post-treatment results, including redness and swelling that disappear within a few days. Microneedling caters to various problems and has the power to solve multiple issues at a time, providing clients with more value. 


Benefits of Microneedling

There are several skin treatments to choose from. Understanding the benefits of microneedling will help clients feel confident with this treatment. Benefits include:

  • Improved quality and texture of your skin.
  • Reduced pock marks and scarring.
  • Reduced number of blackheads. 
  • Skin exfoliation.
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Younger and firmer-looking skin. 
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation and even skin tone.

Now that you have seen how microneedling works and its benefits, it’s time to try it! I Head to Elegancy Beauty Bar Inc., where we offer several services, including laser hair removal and microneedling in Ajax. We will help you achieve firmer and younger-looking skin. 

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