It is the latest and the most dynamic way to remove dead cells from your skin and eliminate discoloration and uneven skin tone and texture.

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How does Hydrodermabrasion work?


It has a handheld nozzle which is filled with solution and oxygen. The solution is chosen depending on skin condition.  A painless procedure, the nozzle will peel off any dead cells and dead layers without irritation as the skin receives serum and oxygen.  Also, the specialized infusion of hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants and vitamin C will improve the skin color and texture.

What is the benefit of hydrodermabrasion?

It is a celebrity skin care routine which is usually done every 4 to 6 weeks.  It helps to improve skin texture and color, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, provides hydration, boosts blood flow and reduces acne scarring.  Also, it helps to minimize skin blemishes and shrinks pores and improves dull skin.

  • Improves your texture

  • Reduces wrinkles

  • Gives hydration

  • Boosts the blood flow

  • Reduces acne scars


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It  is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment that is suitable for all ages and any skin type, even sensitive skin.

This treatment is often mistaken for microdermabrasion, however, these two are different.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

With microdermabrasion, we use a handheld wand that sprays microcrystals on the face to exfoliate the skin. The abrasive crystals slough off dull, surface-level skin cells, revealing the fresher, younger skin underneath. The procedure is minimally-invasive. Outside of some redness and sensitivity to sunlight, there are virtually no side effects other than smoother, refreshed skin.


What Is Hydrodermabrasion?

Hydrodermabrasion is a new procedure that also exfoliates skin. It differs from microdermabrasion because it employs saline solution and oxygen rather than microcrystals. With hydrodermabrasion, the device sprays a supersonic jet of water droplets, which peels away the top layer of the skin. The result is similar to a microdermabrasion treatment, but it also has the added benefit of improving circulation and hydrating the skin. This procedure also boosts collagen production, which has an anti-aging effect on the skin.


Health Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

  • It helps rejuvenate facial skin and smooths skin tone
  • Red light builds collagen in the skin to reduce wrinkles
  • Helps fade scars and stretch marks
  • Red light activates the lymphatic system for potentially improved detoxification
  • It helps to repair sun damage
  • Decreases inflammation within the body
  • Boosts metabolism and promotes cell regeneration
  • Reduces redness, flushing, and broken capillaries, speeds the healing of blemishes
  • Prevents hair loss and stimulates regrowth
  • Stimulates slow healing wounds
  • Provide pain relief, lessens joint and muscle pain
  • Can prevent recurring cold sores, or herpes simplex
  • Beneficial for skin to reduce eczema, rosacea and acne
  • Brings more moisture to your skin and creates a healthy glow about your face
  • Improves circulation within the body and increases energy
  • Provides anti-aging benefits to your body

Microdermabrasion/Hydroderma Aftercare

Microdermabrasion and hydroderma are effective and accessible for residents in Salt Lake City. Because both procedures involve some level of exfoliation, you should avoid direct sunlight after receiving treatment. You should also use gentle cleansers and moisturizers, drink plenty of water, and keep an eye out for any prolonged redness or irritation. Some people may require multiple treatments to achieve the best results. If you are trying to decide between these two procedures, a consultation with a skin expert will help identify the ideal solution for your unique needs.




While Hydrafacials are new and exciting, Microdermabrasion is more effective at treating deeper scars and fine lines. They are also great for increasing elasticity and collagen in the skin. … The hydradermabrasion uses a combination of serums and boosters to hydrate while exfoliating the skin.

How often should I have a treatment? Dr Philippa recommends three treatments for optimum results. This treatment should performed every 2 – 4 weeks for best possible skin health.

After dermabrasion, your new skin will be sensitive and red. Swelling will begin to decrease within a few days to a week, but can last for weeks or even months. The pinkness of your skin will likely take about three months to fade. Once the treated area begins to heal, you’ll notice that your skin looks smoother.