Staying young isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Check out 10 things that age you.

Staying young isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Sure, there are plenty of treatments to keep you looking young.

Here are 10 things you might be doing that are aging you.

1. You’re Eating Inflammatory Foods

We’re all so used to the idea of inflammation we don’t realize just how bad it is for us.

Vegetable oil, margarine, red meat, white bread, sugar… you’re living with a certain level of inflammation.

Not good!

2.Not Getting Your Amino Acids… And Losing HGH!

Human growth hormone keeps you young, and you need amino acids to keep producing it.

There are supplements you can take for this–check it out here.


This one’s sort of a no brainer. Alcohol is dehydrating you. If you can stand it, cut it out!


4. Not Managing Stress

Everyone knows stress is bad. But really, certain kinds of stress are bad. It’s distress vs. eustress.

What makes it bad is if it’s stress you tolerate or stress you actively seek: an inconvenience vs. a challenge.

5. Not Sleeping Enough

It can’t be stressed enough. In the modern age, people are chronically sleep deprived.

This doesn’t just hurt brain function.

It rattles your hormonal systems, leading to deficits of hormones like prolactin.

Get your eight hours.

6. Sunbathing

This one might cause some controversy. As good as the tan looks, it’s not good for your body.

UV ray exposure ages the skin, and, worse than that, is the leading cause of skin cancer.

7. Smoking

Do we even have to explain this one?

8. Neglecting Your Eye Health

The eyelids! How could we not notice?

It’s an oft-neglected part of the body, and perhaps the most at risk just because the skin is so thin and there’s little oil production.

Put some peptide product on your eyelids, and make sure to use sunscreen on them.

9. Not Getting Your Workout In

Exercising is good for your entire body, and it’s good for your aesthetics too.

That’s right, working out has a rejuvenation effect on your skin.

Boxing, spinning, playing tennis and swimming are all great ways to get into motion.

Or, you can finally make time to go for that run you’ve been putting off!

10. Using The Wrong Makeup

Now this one’s just about aesthetics. Did you know using heavier foundation can accentuate your wrinkles?

The particles fall into the crevice of your wrinkles… and make them more prominent.

So you can look a bit younger just by attenuating your makeup a bit more–something a bit lighter.