Red is the color of love and danger. More often than not, redheads are known to be fiery, much like the color itself. Remember those days when red highlights would deem you a rebel? When you felt like you could conquer the world and everything you wanted was within grasp? Relive those days with these stunning red highlights! Here’s what you need to know to pick the right shade of red.

How To Pick The Right Shade Of Red 

There are many, many shades of the color red. So, how do you choose one? You need to keep your skin’s surface tone and undertone in mind, along with a few more factors. To find out more, check out this article.

Now, let’s get into the trending red hair colors that you should consider! You’ll fall in love with red all over again.

1. Shocking Red

One of the reds that is always trending is shocking red. It is one of those shades that works wonders when paired with the right hair color. Shocking red works best as partial highlights instead of full highlights.

2. Dimensional Red

Dimensional red highlights help accentuate your hair by adding depth and dimension to it. They also frame your face beautifully. Another bonus is they add incredible shine to your natural hair shade.