5 Facts to Know About Laser Hair Removal

5 Facts To Know About Laser Hair Removal.jpg

1. Do I have to let my hair grow out before treatment?

No. Unlike waxing, you do not need to grow out your unwanted hair. Shaving is required before your laser hair removal treatment. However, do not wax before any laser hair removal treatment. The objective is for the laser energy to go directly to the root of the hair and shaving allows the laser to locate the pigment of the hair follicle, with the follicle still in place.

2. What if I feel modest about the areas I’m treating?

Our medically trained staff are very sensitive to your privacy. A private changing room is in each of our treatment rooms and for your privacy, we provide a robe to wear during treatment. Only the area being treated is exposed. Keep in mind, your laser hair removal is only between you and your provider.

3. What is included in the bikini area?

You can have as much area or as little as you want to be treated. Only your provider will know your preference.

4. Will anyone notice that I got Laser Hair Removal?

No. But if you have sensitive skin, you may experience some flushing of the skin due to the heat from the laser. If you experience any bumps or flushing of the skin immediately after treatment, our providers will provide cream to calm the irritation.

5. Why isn’t the gel heated before being applied to the treated area?

The purpose of the gel used during each laser hair removal treatment is to cool and protect your skin. The gel must be cold to protect your skin from the heat of the laser. Our providers will generously apply the gel throughout your treatment to ensure a safe and effective treatment.