Dealing with delicate and sensitive skin can be annoying, especially if you are prone to acne, redness, or premature signs of aging. However, there are always some skin treatments that you can go for if you want to fix your texture, wrinkles, as well as any other minor imperfections even if you have sensitive skin! One of those treatments is hydrodermabrasion, and it’s highly recommended for both men and women. If you want to learn more about it, then read on!

What Is Hydrodermabrasion?

This treatment is often mistaken for microdermabrasion, however, these two are different.

Hydrodermabrasion is used to exfoliate your skin without any crystals, unlike the microdermabrasion.

The process is a lot more comfortable for your skin and is safe for sensitive skin as well.

Once properly done, it can have several benefits for your face, such as:

– Improves your texture

– Reduces wrinkles

– Gives hydration

– Boosts the blood flow

– Reduces acne scars

Also, if you want to get rid of dull skin, blemishes, or if you want to shrink your pores you are going to love this treatment.

How Is The Process Carried Out?

A certified dermatologist or a doctor will work with a crystal-free tool which has a handheld nozzle.

This nozzle is filled with saline solution and oxygen.

Once applied on top of the skin it will peel off any dead skin cells and dead layers effortlessly.

This solution is a lot more comfortable and less painful than microdermabrasion. Why? Well, during hydrodermabrasion the esthetician will use mostly oxygen and water-based products which are mild and pain-free.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

This skincare treatment can improve your texture while removing any unwanted blemishes.

It’s ideal for sun damaged skin, acne spots, dark spots, and other similar imperfections.

In this procedure, a dermatologist will use crystals which are placed in a wand and glide them through your face.

This process can be painful and is recommended for those with severe scars, and tougher skin.

Why Is Hydrodermabrasion Better Than Microdermabrasion?

In this process, you will receive a serum which is great for exfoliation, but also for moisturization and nutrition. Your skin will receive healthy ingredients pain-free, and there is no need for any abrasive wands or crystals.

Besides this, the process itself won’t leave any micro scars since it is very gentle, which is not the case with microdermabrasion.

Who Could Benefit From This Treatment?

If you are someone who wants to get rid of blackheads, acne, pimples, or any other similar problems you can go for this solution.

Its core function is to de-congest your pores and to remove any dirt that can get stuck in there.

Anyone over the age of 16 can do this treatment.

Can You Do It If You Have Sensitive Skin?

Yes, you can.

This treatment is recommended for women who have sensitive skin, unlike the microdermabrasion, since it is not harsh and vicious.

It might take a few more sessions for someone who has sensitive skin to see the results, but it is a lot better option in the long-run. This way you won’t experience any pain, redness, or irritations.

You will also be left with a healthy glow. Women who apply makeup on a regular basis will spot this difference the best.

How Often Should You Get This Treatment?

It is entirely up to your preference, and your skin condition. For instance, you can do it only once for a big event such as a wedding, but you can also strive for more treatments if you have some severe issues and visible irritations.

It is best to do 6-10 sessions that are 7-10 days apart for ideal and long-lasting results.

Who Should Avoid Hydrodermabrasion?

You should schedule an appointment and talk the process through with your doctor.

They will advise those who have been treated with isotretinoin in the last 12 months not to go with this procedure.

Also, patients with herpes or any severe skin issues are not suitable for the treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices can vary wildly from city to city and state to state, however you’ll probably be looking at between $150-300 per treatment.

What Is The Aftercare Like?

Once you are done with the treatment you should take proper care of your skin, and you should follow these top 5 rules:

  1. Drink plenty of water

    The procedure itself can leave you dehydrated, so make sure you drink a lot of water. Try to eat as much as vegetables and fruits as possible, and don’t go in heavy with any dairy or red meat. You can even ask your doctor for some supplements, if needed.

    1. Clean and moisturized skin

    Clean up your skin after the treatment and remove any debris. Use a rich moisturizer or the one that your dermatologist had recommended for the next 7 days.

    1. Gentle cleanser

    Make sure you use unscented products and mild cleansers right after the treatment. Use them morning and night and always wash out with cool water.

    1. Don’t touch your skin

    Avoid scratching or picking any dead skin since it can cause scars. Your skin will need to renew itself in time, so be patient with it.

    1. No makeup

      Avoid any makeup during the first 48 hours and give your skin a quick break. Also, you need to stay away from the sun in the following 5-7 day period. Your skin is overly sensitive and direct sunlight can damage it.

      Wrapping It Up

      So there you have it.  All you need to know about hydrodermabrasion.

      Hopefully that’s helped you decide if it’s right for you, and give you a good idea of what you can expect if you do try it.

      Have you tried this procedure?  If you have please let us know how you found it.  What were your results like, and would you recommend it to others?

      Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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