botox for neck bands

We put so much focus on our face that it’s easy to forget what people see below the jawline! Our chin and neck can give us away if we have a softened jawline and neck bands, also known as necklace lines.

Firm Up Your Jawline with Botox

Our jawline naturally softens as we age. And the neck bands or necklace lines, also called platysma bands, are caused by the tightening of the platysma muscles which run from the jawline to the collarbone area. The muscles engage when you turn the corners of your mouth down or, according to some studies, use a cell phone excessively.

What does a Nefertiti lift do?

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was admired for her strength and beauty including her long, elegant neck and strong jaw. Her name even means “a beautiful woman has come.” Today, she lends her name to the Nefertiti lift, which gives you a youthful and elegant appearance by targeting the lower part of the face, chin, jawline, and neck.

You can bring back the definition your jawline and lower face has lost and smooth neck lines with this Botox treatment, the safest, most affordable, and popular way to treat the platysma area.

After your appointment you won’t have downtime or discomfort. You can even have the Botox Nefertiti treatment during your lunch break and get right back to your day, as long as you avoid laying down or working out for about four hours afterwards.

The average Botox dose for the neck area is just 10 units per band.  Who says beauty has to break the bank?




How long does it take for Nefertiti lift to work?


The results of your Nefertiti Lift should be visible after one to three days, and you should be seeing the full effect after two weeks. The full effect will last for anywhere between three to six months