Bye Bye Dermal Fillers? BOTOX® Lip Flips Is The New Trend

BOTOX® on the lips? What? That’s crazy! If you thought that fillers are for lips, and BOTOX® is to be applied on muscles and not used as filler… well, you’d be right.

The latest trend in achieving the pouty lip is BOTOX®, but, no, thankfully it’s not being used as filler–and if anyone suggests that, you should stay far, far away.

Rather, BOTOX® is being used to augment the lip by being used around the mouth.

Around the Mouth? Why?

It’s actually a very simple procedure. The doctor applies BOTOX® to the mouth muscles. This flips the upper lip. And the mouth comes off fuller.

Because the appearance of certain facial features isn’t always entirely reliant on just the feature itself. Your face is a work of art — it really is. Different parts of it work in conjunction to achieve one effect.

It’s not just your eyes, your lips, and your nose. It’s your nasolabial folds, the bridge of your nose, your cheeks.

Thus, this new trend is getting the pout by working on everything around the pout.

Should I Do It This Way?

The procedure is perfectly safe, but it has its downsides. For one thing, your mouth muscles… are sort of important. If you want to use a straw, for example, getting a procedure like this might get in the way.

Second, while both BOTOX® and fillers have temporary effects, BOTOX® is already a procedure that lasts a little shorter than fillers. And more than that, because you have to apply less BOTOX® in order to retain usage of the mouth muscles, the BOTOX® lasts for even less time.

It’s not so much that the procedure doesn’t work as much as, well, if you want pouty lips, it might be worth considering just getting pouty lips.

Want to know more? Call a medical professional in your area to inquire about BOTOX®.