Eczema is a chronic condition that causes the inflammation of the skin. While the precise cause of the condition remains unknown, studies show that there are factors that predispose one to eczema. These include stressful conditions, weather changes, hormonal changes, allergens as well as irritants.The condition manifests with the following symptoms: redness, severe itchiness, rashes and a dry skin. One of the most notable symptoms of eczema is the formation of dark rough patches on the skin.

Typically, these symptoms leave behind skin scarring which often causes great discomfort for the affected persons. The scars may take a long time to disappear, which is why there are natural remedies available for the natural treatment of eczema scars.These remedies need regular consistent use if they are to be effective. The most important thing, however, is to ensure that you do not replace your regular skin medication with the remedies. In fact, the latter provide an adjunct treatment for eczema scars. The remedies have the added benefit of providing pain relief from eczema with minimal side effects.

1. Oatmeal

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 2 Cups of oatmeal, a coffee grinder, warm bath water and a soft towel.
Difficulty: Easy

Oatmeal goes a long way in soothing the skin, providing much needed relief from the pain and inflammation associated with eczema. Additionally, oatmeal is packed with cleansing agents that aid in the elimination of scars on the skin. Used regularly over a period of time, oatmeal both gets rid of the scars as well as reduces the pain. The ground oatmeal is added to bath water, and the remedy may be used twice or thrice daily depending on the extent of scarring.


  1. Place the oatmeal in a grinder and grind for a few minutes.
  2. Add the ground oatmeal to the bath water and mix well.
  3. Soak in the oatmeal bath for half an hour.
  4. Dry your skin using a soft towel, doing so as gently as you can. Avoid using towels made with abrasive fabrics as this cause irritation of the skin.
  5. Apply your regular medical cream.
  6. Use this remedy at least once daily for the best results.

2. Raw Organic Honey:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: Raw organic honey and warm water. Crystallized sugar (optional).
Difficulty: Easy

Honey is a useful remedy for the treatment of eczema scars. The honey has soothing properties that help relieve the irritation on the skin. The honey’s antibacterial properties also helps to keep the infection at bay. Crystallized sugar is added to create a viscous paste. When applied on the eczema scars, the honey-sugar mixture helps exfoliate the skin and reduce the scarring. You need to do this routinely until you notice a decrease in the scarring.


  1. You may use the honey on its own; apply a generous amount of the honey on the affected skin.
  2. Alternatively, prepare a scrub paste by mixing the honey with the sugar. Apply the scrub on the affected skin, and gently massage for a few minutes. Let the scrub remain on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing off using warm water.
  3. Use this remedy severally every week until the scar is completely eliminated.

3. Aloe Vera:

Time Required: 10 Min preparation and overnight application.
What You Need: Freshly cut aloe vera leaf, a sharp knife/ blade and Vitamin E oil (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Aloe vera is one of the most popular home remedies for the natural treatment of eczema scars. This is because the gel used is 100% natural and is packed with active ingredients that help lighten the dark patches of skin. Aloe vera gel is also an anti-inflammatory, making it an ideal accompaniment for pain reduction. You may add Vitamin E oil to the gel. The oil is preferred because it contains skin rejuvenating properties that enhance the health of the skin. The best way to use this remedy is to apply it and leave it overnight for best results.


  1. Use a sharp knife to slice open the aloe vera leaf and allow for the extraction of the gel. The amount of gel you collect is largely dependent on the extent of scarring.
  2. If you opt to apply the gel on its own, make sure you focus on the affected skin.
  3. If not, mix equal amounts of the gel collected with Vitamin E oil to get a paste.
  4. This paste is typically thin and is easy to apply on the scars.
  5. Massage the oil-mixture on the skin and allow it to dry overnight.
  6. Rinse the remedy off the next morning using warm water.
  7. Use this remedy daily for effective treatment of the eczema scars.

4. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 3 Fresh lemons (or more depending on your needs), cotton wool and cool water. Sugar (optional).
Difficulty: Easy

Lemon juice has bleaching properties, making it an ideal natural remedy for the treatment of eczema scars. When applied on the skin, the juice’s acidic properties cause the lightening of the skin. This is a perfect solution for the dark patches caused by eczema. The most important thing to remember, is to avoid spending time in direct sunlight immediately after the remedy as this could lead to more skin complications. Sugar is added for its exfoliation properties as described above. When mixed with lemon juice, it results in a potent home remedy. Avoid using hot water rinse to prevent skin irritation.
NOTE: Orange peels may be used in place of lemon juice as they belong to the same biological family.


  1. Wash and roll the lemons between your palms to increase the release of the lemon juice.
  2. Squeeze as much juice as you can from the lemons.
  3. Once you have collected enough juice, soak the cotton wool in the juice. If you opt to use sugar, add it to the juice prior to soaking the cotton wool.
  4. Use cotton wool to apply the juice or mixture on the scarred skin.
  5. Leave the remedy on for 20 minutes.
  6. Rinse the skin using cool water. Repeat this procedure at least twice daily until the eczema scars start to fade away.
  7. To use the orange peels, simply rub the fresh peels on the scarred skin daily.

5. Fish Oil:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: Fish oil alongside a healthy serving of fatty fish in your diet.
Difficulty: Easy


Fish oil is recommended for the natural treatment of eczema scars because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids go a long way in dealing with the body’s inflammatory response, thus reducing the symptoms linked to eczema. Regular consumption of the oil also helps reduce scarring. To get the most of this remedy, add healthy fatty fish to your diet for a steady supply ofomega-3 fatty acids. Some of the options available include salmon, tuna and mackerel among others.


  1. Simply take a teaspoon of fish oil at least two times daily.

6. Almond Oil:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: Almond and Vitamin E oil. Alternatively, get a handful of raw almonds, 16 ounces of vodka, a jar with lid and a strainer
Difficulty: Easy

Almond oil is an excellent solution to eczema scars. This is attributed to the presence of neutral lipids that improve the skin’s health. Additionally, if massaged well, the almond oil usually disrupts the structure of the scarred skin, and in turn enhances the healing process. Vitamin E is added for its healing properties. If you are feeling adventurous, and would like to go as home-made as you possibly can, you may extract almond oil from the nuts using vodka as outlined in the steps below. Vodka is required for the second set of instructions because it is the alcohol used to extract the oil.


Using store-bought almond oil:

  1. Mix the almond oil with the Vitamin E oil.
  2. Use cotton wool to scoop the oil mixture and apply it on the scarred skin. Do this regularly, at least twice daily until the skin improves.

Preparing almond oil at home:

You will need to allow two months before this home-made oil is ready. For this reason, you may get the commercial almond oil until the two months elapse.

  1. Place the almond nuts in the jar and pour in the vodka. Make sure that all the nuts are covered with the vodka.
  2. Close the jar using the lead to create an air-tight environment for proper extraction.
  3. Place the jar in a cool and dark place for 2 months.
  4. During this period, ensure that you shale the jar at least three times daily.
  5. Once the 2 months are over, pass the vodka mixture through a strainer to separate the oil and the used nuts.
  6. Once strained, soak cotton wool in the oil mixture and apply it on the scarred skin thrice daily. Use this remedy until the scarred skin is completely healed.

7. Avocado Oil:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: Warm soapy water, a soft towel, avocado oil and warm water to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy

Avocado oil has an array of healing properties that make it well suited for the treatment of eczema scars. The oil works by enhancing the production of collagen in the skin, thus allowing for its renewal with the reduction of visible scarring. In addition to the use of this oil,it also helps to add avocado to your daily diet. Follow the steps below to get the most out of this remedy.


  1. Clean the skin well using warm soapy water and then rinse before wiping dry with a soft towel.
  2. Apply a few drops of the avocado oil on the scarred skin.
  3. Massage gently using your fingertips in order to allow the absorption of the oil.
  4. Rinse the skin using warm water. Apply this remedy thrice daily until you are content with the progress made.

8. Raw Onion Extract:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 2 Large onions, knife and chopper, a thin cloth, 1 cup of aloe vera gel and a jar with lid for storage purposes.
Difficulty: Easy

Using onion extract is a reliable way to eliminate eczema scars. This is because the onion contains potent enzymes that help lighten the skin, thus eliminating the dark patches of skin. This is a simple remedy to prepare, so ensure that you add this to your list of natural treatment options.


  1.  Peel the 2 onions and proceed to chop into small pieces.
  2.  You may transfer the onion pieces to ensure that you have fine results which will then make it easier to get the extract.
  3.  Place the fine onion pieces on the cloth and squeeze well on opposite ends to collect the juice in a cup.
  4.  Mix the onion extract with the aloe vera gel and transfer to the jar.
  5. Retain some of the mixture for topical application and store the rest.
  6.  Apply this mixture twice daily.