Lots of people are unhappy with the shape of their face. But that’s not something you can change easily, is it?

The answer may surprise you – read on to find out how Botox could help address your concern…

A wider facial profile is often the result of an over-pronounced masseter muscle. This is the large muscle on either side of your jaw that controls the bite response, pulling your jaws together. It’s also famously an area where facial tension is held, and is tightened whenever your jaw is clenched. People who grind their teeth often feel soreness in their masseter muscles, as a result of unconscious overuse.

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Masseter Botox

If you’re unhappy with the ‘square jaw’ look caused by overdeveloped masseter muscles, you can take steps to remedy this concern with masseter botox.

Botox is a hugely versatile medical and aesthetic treatment with many different applications. Clinicians use Botox to control bruxism (teeth grinding), and to alter the shape of the face.

How Does Masseter Botox Work?

The masseter muscle is just like any other muscle – the harder you work it, the bigger it gets.

When we inject Botox into the masseter, the Botox works to relax the muscle for a prolonged period of several months, and inhibits the automatic transfer of any excess tension to these overworked muscles. As a result, the muscle mass reduces naturally over time, providing your face with a slimmer, more oval shape.

Masseter Botox Results

For masseter reduction, Botox has been proven to deliver a high rate of success, with 89% of patients and clinicians reporting a measurable slimming. The procedure itself doesn’t take long – generally less than 30 minutes in total, and the results usually last for up to six months.

If you need masseter Botox for medical reasons, such as bruxism or associated tension headaches, then the success rate is even higher, with all patients in the study linked above experiencing a considerable alleviation of their symptoms. For bruxism sufferers, this relief can be vital for the ongoing health of the face, teeth, and jaw – the damage to your teeth from continuous grinding can be irreparable.

Please note that this treatment will only slim the face if your widened jaw profile is the result of an overworked masseter – if the wider profile is the result of your bone structure, or fatty deposits, Botox wouldn’t be an effective treatment.