Summer will be here before you know it, and the thought of shaving every day, or even most days, is something you might find daunting. You’re probably considering a more long-term solution, and there are certainly a number of options. Though you may not have considered laser hair removal in the past, now could be the time.

If you’re looking to move from waxing or shaving to laser hair removal, you’re in luck — our specialists at Laser Bar and Spa are here to guide you to a better way of getting the look you want for your legs. Getting ready to brave the streets of New York City means stepping out with the legs that give you your confident stride.

What are my options for hair removal?

Today, there are a number of hair removal options. Many women are satisfied with the results that they get from shaving, but many other women feel the downsides of shaving aren’t worth it — the razor burn, the return of the hair after two or three days, and the need for a progressively sharper razor — all of these things can wear on your patience.

Hair removal cream, or depilatory cream, sits in a thick layer on your skin for 10 minutes to dissolve the hair just below the surface. Although this can be a good option for smoothness that can last for a week, the creams are inevitably messy, smelly, and if left on too long, can burn your skin. These creams use acid to wither and destroy the hair, giving you smooth skin.

Waxing is a popular option for hair removal that involves using a type of melted resin to force hair out of the hair follicle, giving you weeks of smooth skin. Despite the difference in sensation when the service is performed, wax is actually healthier and more gentle on the skin than shaving. Waxing also removes dead skin.

What are the differences between waxing and laser hair removal?


Waxing is a good method of instant hair removal, but comes with a few cons. Though your results from waxing will last for weeks, you run the risk of burns from the wax, or a less-than-pleasing job from an inexperienced waxer. Although it’s generally recommended that you space your waxing treatments, you might see hair growing back before it’s time for another treatment.

Waxing is more affordable than laser hair removal per session, but you must continue waxing sessions for as long as your body hair continues to grow. Waxing also requires special supplies, depending on the type of wax you are using, and can create quite a bit of waste.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair removal treatment that provides permanent results. Even though waxing can be messy, painful, and wasteful, laser hair removal only requires the use of an electric device. Your provider will determine how many sessions are appropriate for you; however, most patients begin to see permanent results after five or six sessions.

Laser hair removal requires a higher upfront cost than waxing or shaving, but the long-term investment in smooth skin will pay for itself by cutting down on the amount of time that you spend getting ready. Most people describe laser hair removal as a tingling sensation, but we have a topical anesthetic to protect your skin if it’s uncomfortable for you.

I think I’m ready to try laser hair removal.

We’re more than happy to help you on your journey to smooth skin! Before we recommend any treatment, we sit with you for a full consultation, and help you decide the safest option to get the smooth skin you deserve. To get started with laser hair removal, contact us today to schedule a consultation.